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Release 1.0.4

Momo the Monster


Fixes issues around installing Unity Hub and adds some logic to avoid migrating a world package detected in an avatar project and vice-versa.


  • Fixes issues around installing Unity Hub by prompting to restart the VCC as administrator before running the install. Shows a button if the process is not elevated, and attempts to start the process elevated, which provides the permissions needed for a Unity Hub install on some machines.
  • When migrating a project where legacy Curated packages were found, will check all the dependencies of the package to make sure it's not trying to bring in something conflicting. Specifically, should solve this issue where AudioLink can be detected in both World and Avatar projects, but should only be auto-migrated in World projects for now.


It's always recommended to download the latest version from the official download page. However, if a direct link to this version is needed, it can be found at VRChat_Creator_Companion_Setup_1.0.4.exe