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Release 2.1.2

Momo the Monster


Adds Creator Docs search to the Learn page, updates supported unity versions, and fixes issues with connecting to Unity, missing legacy folders, and hosting packages.

New Features

  • Adds a search bar to the Learn page for quick access to the Creator Docs. Addresses #310.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes timeout issues with the VCC's websocket connection to the Unity editor.
  • Fixes legacy folders not being deleted if a folder fom the manifest is missing. Fixes #281.


  • Updates NativeFileDialogSharp to Version 0.6.0-alpha for Mac support.
  • Updates valid unity versions list, and makes unity version errors much clearer.
  • Makes hosting packages outside of Github releases easier, by no longer requiring Content-Disposition headers. Fixes #240.

Known Issues

You can see all the known issues here: VCC GitHub Issues


It's always recommended to download the latest version from the official download page. However, if a direct link to this version is needed, it can be found at VRChat_Creator_Companion_Setup_2.1.2.exe