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Release 2.1.3

Momo the Monster


Adds logic to handle "Legacy Packages" to handle ClientSim and UdonSharp being merged into the Worlds package in SDK 3.4.0, and fixes some issues around updating packages.

New Features

  • Handles packages which absorb other packages by adding a new 'legacyPackages' field to the VPM Manifest which removes the duplicate package. This is used by the VRChat Worlds package to remove the ClientSim and UdonSharp packages.
  • Adds new "Simple Mode" when updating packages to present the changes in a less-technical way.

Bug Fixes

  • Automatically repairs User Repos which are missing their 'localPath', which caused the VCC to make a new cache file for the repo every time it was accessed.
  • Fixes the issue where the Project Changes dialog would show that prerelease packages conflicted with the target package version when they did not.
  • Fixes the issue where adding a package with a dependency which is already installed would cause the VCC to update the dependency to the latest non-prerelease version.
  • Fixes the problem where resolving a project would install package versions different than the ones specified as 'locked' in the VPM manifest.


  • Removes "UdonSharp" template from the list of templates, as the new Worlds package includes UdonSharp by default.

Known Issues

You can see all the known issues here: VCC GitHub Issues


It's always recommended to download the latest version from the official download page. However, if a direct link to this version is needed, it can be found at VRChat_Creator_Companion_Setup_2.1.3.exe