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Release 2.2.0



Adds support for Unity 2022 and many other Quality of Life improvements.


  • The Creator Companion will now show the Unity Version used by the Project, as well as the date when the project was last opened or changed through the VCC
  • Projects can now be added to favorites. Tf you have any favorites - the Creator Companion will automatically sort them on top when opened
  • Projects can now be sorted by Unity Version, Last Modified, Name, and Favorite status
  • The VPM CLI tool can now list all the projects and their Unity Version, sorted by Last Modified

Bug Fixes

  • Errors encountered when adding existed projects are now logged correctly

Important Notes for Tool Developers

If you have been directly changing the settings.json file, please note that with VCC version 2.2.0 and beyond - the userProjects list is now considered deprecated. The projects list has been moved to a new vcc.liteDB file in the same folder and uses the LiteDB project.

VCC and the VPM CLI will continue reading and writing userProjects list for backwards compatibility for some time, but it is recommended to switch to the new vcc.liteDB file as soon as possible


If you already installed the Creator Companion, simply open it and click Update.

To install the Creator Companion, download the latest version from the official download page.

However, if a direct link to this version is needed, it can be found at VRChat_Creator_Companion_Setup_2.2.0.exe.