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Getting Started

If you're starting from scratch, here's what you'll need to do:


The Creator Companion is available at

You can always download the latest version from this direct url as well:


Run the installer from the above step, which will install the Creator Companion into your "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs" folder by default (e.g. C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Programs). You can change this during installation if you like. You can delete the installer once the installation is complete.

Set Up

The Creator Companion will check that Unity is installed on launch. If it is needed, a button will be presented to easily install it. If you choose to use the easy install, you will get the latest version of the Unity Hub and the current VRChat-SDK-Compatible version of Unity.


Installation Issues

If Unity Hub or the Unity Editor fail to install automatically, you can quit the Creator Companion and launch it again in Administrator Mode to grant it elevated access.

The Creator Companion is only fully-supported on Windows 10 (Windows 11 may work but it's not fully tested). The CLI has some functionality on Mac and Linux.

Unity Editor Versions

The VCC requires our currently Supported Unity Version, and installs it automatically if you don't have it, or searches for it if you do.

If the VCC cannot automatically find a compatible Unity Editor, the Unity Editor selector screen will be shown. You can use the folder button to browse for the Unity Editor you'd like to use.

Browse for the Unity Editor

Make New Projects

To make a new project, just press "New" from the navigation bar on the left and choose which Template you'd like to work from:

  • Avatar - Makes a new project with the Avatar 3.0 SDK included for creating a VRChat Avatar.
  • World - Makes a new project with the World 3.0 SDK with Udon included, as well as ClientSim for testing your worlds directly in the Editor.
  • UdonSharp - Makes a new project with everything from the World template PLUS UdonSharp for writing Udon scripts in a C#-like syntax.

Migrate Existing Projects

Migrating your existing projects is covered in detail in VPM: Migrating Projects.

Updating Existing Projects

You can add existing projects to your main Project list by pressing the "Add" button from the navigation on the left. You can either choose a single project folder to add it to the list, or a folder full of projects to add each valid project found to your list (this methid will only go one level deep).