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Using Project Template Repos

To get you started with VRChat content creation quickly, we provide a set of official Unity project templates.

You can use them either via the VCC Application, the CLI, or by downloading the repositories directly.

Currently we provide the following templates:


This template includes the Base and Avatar SDKs, ready for you to build and upload Avatars using Avatars 3.0.

Repository Link | Download Link


This template includes the Base and World SDKs, ready for you to build and upload Worlds using Udon programs and prefabs. It also includes ClientSim to easily test your World as you develop it.

Repository Link | Download Link


This template includes everything in the World Template above, plus UdonSharp for writing your programs using a C#-like syntax.

Repository Link | Download Link



We highly recommend you use the VCC Application or the CLI to set up new projects using the official templates automatically.
But if you want to do it manually or cannot use these methods - follow the instructions below

Every template repository includes usage instructions so check them out using Repository Links above.
But here is a quick general overview:

  • Download the template code using the links above, or visit the repo page and press 'Use This Template' to start a new GitHub repository which is ready to go. If you downloaded a zip, follow the rest of the directions.
  • Extract the ZIP file to the folder on your system where you want your new project.
  • Open Unity Hub and click "Open".
  • Navigate to your new project folder and click "Select Folder".
  • This should open Unity and start the import process.
    • Make sure you have the right Unity version installed according to our documentation.
    • You can use VCC to always ensure you have the correct unity version.
  • Click "OK" when asked to download required VRChat packages.
  • You should be set up and ready to go!

Every template's file contains more detailed instructions for creating and publishing the respective content.

User Templates

Beyond official templates, you can also create your own! See this guide to learn more about that.