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We've got lots planned for the Creator Companion. We'll keep this page updated with our plans as they progress and change so you have an idea of what's coming up, and our current focuses.

Status: 2.1 Released!

You can read the details in our release notes.

Current Focus

For the 2.1.x release cycle we're mostly focused on post-release bug fixes and polish.

Future Planned Updates

While we're working on the larger roadmap for the VCC, we'll continue to watch the submitted bugs and feature requests, as well as make our way through the existing backlog. Some other specific things we have planned include:

  • Separate Templates and Tools into their own listings so they can be updated separately
  • Better project organization
  • Automatically build Windows & Android content without manually switching everything (requires planned SDK update to remove going into Play Mode to build assetbundles)
  • Organize your content by Blueprint ID - ie list your Worlds and Avatars instead of your Project Paths (requires feature to log into the VCC)
  • Search all the docs from the VCC