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We've got lots planned for the Creator Companion. We'll keep this page updated with our plans as they progress and change so you have an idea of what's coming up, and our current focuses.

Status: 1.0 Released!

You can read the details on our Blog Post, Creator Companion Live!.

Next Up: GUI Change

Our next big issue to tackle is Porting the VCC Out of Unity!


We built it in Unity to take advantage of our available resources and get it up and running quickly. However, we knew that Unity was not the best fit for a 2D app that helps you make VRChat content so it was designed to be ported to another GUI from the very start - this is how the Resolver and CLI work, by embedding the core logic of the VPM within a Unity Editor window and a cross-platform .NET tool.

With that in mind, any bug or feature request which has to do with the GUI will need to wait until after we make this change, since those are the parts that will change when we make the switch. We'll keep the existing issues in mind as we port the logic into a new GUI. For example:

How (kinda technical)

We're building VCC as a native .NET application which embeds a WebView2 control. The GUI will mostly be HTML, CSS and Javascript running in this WebView so we can share code between the website and the VCC. The GUI will communicate with an embedded VPM library over a local websocket connection.

User Package Listings

The Curated Package list in the VCC includes only a few very-widely-used tools. We review each version of each entry for quality and security, so you know they are safe to use. However, this is time-intensive so we can only do it for a small list at the moment.

We will add the ability to create and add your own listings for any packages you like! We expect that creative friends, groups and studios will use this feature to manage their packages without having to go through the official approval process.

With the ability to add un-regulated listings, you need to understand the inherent danger. VPM packages are loaded into the Unity Editor, where they can automatically run scripts. These scripts can read, delete and move files on your drives, they can download and install programs silently in the background, and many other scary things. Please exercise caution when using User Packages!

Other Planned Updates

We've covered the biggest items above, but we'll continue to watch the submitted bugs and feature requests, as well as make our way through the existing backlog. Some other specific things we have planned include:

  • Separate Templates and Tools into their own listings so they can be updated separately
  • Automatically build Windows & Android content without manually switching everything (requires planned SDK update to remove going into Play Mode to build assetbundles)
  • Organize your content by Blueprint ID - ie list your Worlds and Avatars instead of your Project Paths (requires feature to log into the VCC)
  • Search all the docs from the VCC (will be easier once we port out of Unity)