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Curated Community Packages

The Creator Companion allows you to add some of the community's best world and avatar packages directly to your VRChat projects.

Currently, all of the packages listed here are open source! Visit their GitHub repositories to suggest features, report bugs or - if you're a developer - make improvements yourself.

Installing Community Packages

To add a Curated Package to one of your projects, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Creator Companion
  2. Add your VRChat project
  3. Browse the list of Curated Packages
  4. Click "Add" or "Update" to add the newest version of the package to your project

When you migrate a project for the first time, the Creator Companion automatically looks for and removes old folders of Curated Community Packages. Make sure to move your files out of these folders before migrating!

For help with a Community Packages, please contact its authors via their GitHub or Discord community.

List of Curated Community Packages

"AudioLink is a system that analyzes and processes in-world audio into many different highly reactive data streams and exposes the data to VRChat Udon, world shaders, and avatar shaders."
Authors: llealloo, cnlohr, Pema99, float3 and lox9973_
GitHub repository, AudioLink Discord Server

AudioLink allows creators to make VRChat worlds that react to music in real time. This makes it a great fit for DJ events, club worlds, or other music events. If you're on PC, it can be used on avatars, animating them in sync with a world's audio source.

Avatars 3.0 Manager

"A tool for managing playable layers and parameters for Avatars 3.0. This tool merges animator controllers to your avatar's playable layer controllers and syncs to your avatar's expression parameters."
Author: VRLabs
GitHub repository ,VRLabs Discord

VRChat avatars have five playable layers, each with its own animator. Avatars 3.0 Manager allows using more than one animator per layer by merging the animator and its parameters. This can be useful for controlling accessories or other separate animators.


"EasyQuestSwitch is a Unity editor tool developed for VRChat world creators, it can automate changes to components within a scene as soon as the build platform is changed from PC to Android (for Oculus Quest) or vice versa."
Author: Jordo
GitHub repository

Cross-platform VRChat worlds or avatars often use the same Unity project for their PC and Quest versions. This often requires making platform-specific changes, such as changing materials to use mobile-friendly shaders. EasyQuestSwitch helps automate these changes, automatically applying when switching between platforms.

Gesture Manager

"A tool that will help you preview and edit your avatar animation directly in Unity."
Author: BlackStartx
GitHub repository

Gesture Avatars allows testing an avatar's animations in Unity without using Build & Test. This includes a recreation of VRChat's expressions menu, a debug menu, and various other tools for testing and improving your avatar.

VRWorld Toolkit

"VRWorld Toolkit is a Unity Editor extension made to make VRChat world creation more accessible and lower the entry-level to make a good performing world."
Author: 1
GitHub repository

VRWorld Toolkit analyzes VRChat worlds by looking for common mistakes related to the SDK, optimization, lighting, or post-processing. It also includes a 'Build Report' feature, making it easy to spot large or uncompressed files in your project. These features help both novice and expert creators make functioning and optimized worlds.